Seamless, smart device monitoring software

Access your real-time IoT data, wherever you are


GlobillThings offers a suite of features to enable efficient receipt of key data from your smart devices. Set up any alerts, from foot traffic through turnstiles to a refrigerator door left open, and improve operations across your entire company. This product brings your remote IoT device data right to you, with real-time insights on a convenient Cloud platform.

Enjoy end-to-end monitoring of all your connected devices, regardless of location. This platform collects and shares your IoT data instantly for a complete digital view of your operations. Tailor GlobillThings to your company needs to lower costs and improve efficiency.

With GlobillThings, providers, resellers, and end customers gain access to a whole range of smart capabilities, while enterprise customers enjoy reliable device monitoring, reporting, and key analytics.

Let's discuss your product needs

Let's discuss your product needs