Future-proof your IoT business

Profitably manage your customer lifecycle with a specialised platform

From smart cars to smart cities, the IoT industry is paving the way for a brighter, more interconnected future. In a sector fuelled by rapid change, your IoT business needs systems in place to access real-time information and pivot at the drop of a hat.

Astel’s team of IoT industry experts works with private and public sector enterprises and IoT service providers to provide tailored billing and revenue management and IoT device management. With everything from instant alerts to real-time device monitoring, your business becomes more connected than ever.

Our end-to-end solutions ensure your business is optimised and ready to adapt, come what may.

Internet of Things

Discover our comprehensive range of innovative products, and let’s build a robust, customised, and scalable strategy for your business.
This comprehensive solution enables IoT service providers to quote, manage orders, generate bills and more, for better customer management from one simple yet sophisticated platform.
Our reseller enablement portal offers a variety of valuable features for resellers, including the freedom to sell their own products, create discounts, bill their customers, and more.
This IoT devices management portal allows enterprises to manage and monitor multiple devices from one simple platform. Track water meters, equipment monitors, parking sensors, and more.

Get in touch to discover the right solutions for your business

Get in touch to discover the right solutions for your business