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Innovative BSS and revenue management solutions

The telecommunications landscape is evolving more rapidly than ever before, driven by new technology, increased delivery demands and accelerated digitisation.

It has never been more important for your company to stay ahead of the curve. You need more than endurance, you need a plan.

At Astel, we partner with Telecoms service providers to strategically deploy cutting-edge solutions to ensure streamlined and seamless operations.


Discover our range of world-class products, designed to put you at the forefront of your industry, and keep you there.
Maximise your internal teams’ efficiency with GlobillOne. Optimise sales, operations, contact centre, and more from one simple platform with our end-to-end business support solutions.
Our advanced partner management solution enables you to reduce your operational burden and maximise your efficiency by empowering your channel partners to self-manage via a simple, uniform platform.
Our simple-to-use, yet highly intuitive self-service portal allows your customers to log on and easily self-manage their accounts; viewing bills and making payments on one simple platform.
With this innovative product, enterprise customers can proactively manage communication costs; create departmental budgets, set alerts, and more, all from one place.

Get in touch to discover the right solutions for your business

Get in touch to discover the right solutions for your business